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The basic tank top is one of the simplest garments to make. You can draft the pattern from another tank top or freehand the pattern based on your own measurements. Once you have the pattern cut out, you'll only need to sew a few simple stitches to put the pieces together.

Choose your comfortable fabric and color. If you try to make a basic editions black tops.

1. Paint the patterns that go with the sleeveless top.
  • Fold your black cloth in half. Place the two patterns on the same side of the fabric and hold them in place.
  • When placing a pattern, be careful to mark the actual "fold line" (the fold line of a sleeveless shirt).
  • When fixing patterns, keep patterns and fabrics flat.
  • You can outline the pattern on the cloth with pencil or chalk. Please remember not to untie the cloth.
  • The size of the clothes can be determined according to your preference, and you can even make a loose tank tops.

2. Cut the two clothes off according to the shape of the  sleeveless top.

  • Cut a flat shear along the polyline. After cutting, open and unfold.
  • Take away the pattern. If you don't have pinking shears, use a rotary cut or a standard of scissors to cut out the material. Pinking shears can reduce minimize potential fraying, but they are not absolutely necessary.

3. Fold and flatten the top fabric of basic neck groove.

  • Fold 1/4 inch from the bottom of the fabric, then 1/4 inch from the bottom of the fabric, trapping the edges of the cut in a second fold. Nails and iron press the hem in place.
  • Repeat the opening and neck of the sleeve hole of the vest.
  • On the opposite side and shoulder side, fold the edge into 1/4 inch, but not double. Pin down the fold.
  • Repeat this step for the bottom two parts of the tank tops.

4、Pin the front and back together.

  • Put the front face up and the back face up. Align the perimeter evenly and fix the two parts together.
  • Note that the "right" side must face the other side, and the "wrong" side must face the other.
  • Make sure both pieces are flat, the sides and sides are the same. But  Keep in mind that the necklines are not. ( The neckline of the vest doesn't match back and forth. )
  • Fix the shoulders and sides to form the cuffs of the vest. The rest of the edges don't need to be fixed.

5、Sew the sides of the vest together with the shoulders.

  • The machine stitches along the top and sides of the shoulder straps, spaced no more than a quarter of an inch apart
  • This creates a seam between the shoulder and the sides. No sewing is required anywhere on the clothes.
  • Use serrated needles instead of straight ones. Serrated stitching makes the material more elastic and helps reduce wear.

6. Hem the remaining raw edges.

  • Machine stitch along the open bottom, neckline, and armholes. Use a seam allowance no greater than 1/4 inch (0.6 cm).
  • Sew around the entire opening; do not stitch the front and back pieces together during this step.
  • Sew the hems using a standard straight stitch instead of the zigzag stitch.

Try it on. Your black topt must be perfect.

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