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Maxi dress seem to always be in style and staple in many women's closets. Dresses can make a fashionable and comfortable outfit for hot days. But there are many different styles and ways to wear dresses and you may be confused about the best one to wear. By finding the right dress style for your body and accessorizing it accordingly, you can be chic and comfy while wearing a sleeveless maxi dress!

Every woman's body is different and the fit of clothing can enhance your shape. Knowing parts of your body you'd like to highlight can help you find the most sleeveless maxi dress for your shape.

1、Find the right length. Decide whether you want to wear a long sundress or a short sundress. 
There is a wide range of dress lengths for women, from foot skimming to floor skimming. Getting the right length can keep you from tripping or getting caught in your dress.

  • Aim to have the dress touch the top of your toes.
  • Make sure the dress hits at least at your ankles.
  • If you don't like your legs or you don't want your dress blowing up Marilyn Monroe-style, a long flowy dress is probably your best bet.


2、Ladies dresses can range from sleek and class to trendy and chic.Research different looks to find maxi outfits for any style dress for various occasions.

  • Take note of hairstyles and accessories paired with maxi dresses.
  • Consider your skin tone when figuring out what colors and prints might work best for you.
  • Cinch the waist in with a belt to make a silhouette more flattering. Add a belt to a loose, baggy dress to emphasize your waist and add a point of interest to the outfit.


3、 If you are going to a wedding, anniversary party, or any other type of formal event, you may want to wear a long flowy dress or sleeveless maxi dress events.

  • Maxi dress are often long and flowy and  you may be going for a more relaxed look, keep your shoes simple.Keep you overall look simple and let your personality shine through.
  • Wear a pair of heeled strappy sandals or other simple shoes that match your long dress

4、Depending on the style, color, and print of your maxi as well as the look you are going for, focus on one item or piece of your outfit. Keep the rest of the outfit simple. This can help your long dress and accessories from overwhelming you.

  • Keep your dress the focus if it has a bold print or is covered in flowers. If the dress has a lot of fabric and is very flowy, you’ll also want to keep the focus on the dress.
  • Use accessorizes such as jewelry or shoes if your dress is a solid color or simple print. You can also add an intricate hairdo like braids for some extra pizzazz.

 long fall dress for women light yellow long sleeve dress

5、You can build your outfit by adding different articles to your dress. 

  • For example, in spring or summer you could add a light cardigan or denim jacket. In winter, you could put a long cardigan or scarf around your neck to highlight her dress. 
  • Layer with appropriate pieces.Put on a chic and simple blazer to go with your dress. Cardigans or blazers can make a maxi seem more office appropriate. Make sure the proportions of your layering pieces match your dress. Avoid strapless dresses, which are inappropriate for most offices. Be sure that your bra is covered as well.


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