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Fruits still have this kind of operatio

It is suitable for eating in the hot summer season. It is not only delicious, but also rich in nutrients, which is very helpful for our health.

So what kind of fruit is better in the summer? Today I recommend 3 interesting ways to eat – fruit that must be eaten in summer!

Everyone loves mango very deeply. Even if the mango is dirty and dirty, there is no elegance. In order to eat a mango, I have broken my heart and studied various elegant ways of eating.

Vibrating Super Fire Twist Mango

Cut oranges new skills

Although it is much more troublesome than the traditional method of cutting oranges, but the value is really high, it is absolutely crazy to send to a circle of friends.


Dragon fruit summer special drink

Drinking a fatty drink? Then try Dragon Fruit + Sprite + Yakult ! If you don't have a juicer, you can do it manually.


Oreo yogurt fruit cup

First, the Oreo biscuits are crushed in the middle sandwich, and the strawberry mango is washed and cut into pieces, then in the cup, a layer of strawberry, a layer of yogurt, a layer of Oreo, cycle this step until the cup is full !

Delicious like a melted wheat whirlwind!


Fruit pot!Ingredients needed: decorated fruit, yogurt, Oreo

Break Oreo into a favorite piece of cut fruit, then pour the yogurt into a thick layer of Oreo, easily capture the girlfriend's heart

Upgraded version: DIY mango can also be squeezed out of thick juice instead of yogurt.


Little fairy eating lychee

Practice: Find a straight line on the lychee

Then at the top of the lychee, press it firmly against the seam, it will split a small mouth and then slowly open it, squeeze the seam, and complete the one-handed operation!


Super heart gift"Girl's Heart Bursting Gift: Strawberry Flower"

1.The first step is to insert strawberries. Insert a strawberry root with a bamboo stick. How many strawberries are you want to insert? A minimum of 3 strawberries can be used as a bouquet, of course 18-20.

2.To make a bouquet part, first take a eucalyptus leaf base, put a strawberry bamboo stick. Then, gradually put more strawberry bamboo sticks, and put about one-third of the strawberry bamboo sticks, then add eucalyptus leaves.

3.It should be noted that when adding the strawberry bamboo stick, add the eucalyptus leaves moderately until the bouquet is finished.

4.Afinally,the hemp rope is bundled, cut off the long bamboo stick and start packing. According to the regular bouquet method.


" Confessions Surprise Gift: Avocado Ring Box"

Open your favorite avocado - Suprise!!!

 1.Want to give you the beef jerky, and the matcha ice cream is also for you. I will come to you from the Japanese side and give you to the evening.

"Don't worry, there is me."

"How to make avocado confession weapon?"

2.Materials needed: Pick one of the most eye-catching avocados, one of the most touching rings, lemon (optional).

3. At the most suitable time, open it!

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