How to The Right Way Wear Flowy Tunic Tops And Leggings?



Sometimes all you need to liven up your wardrobe is a fresh, new angle.Flowy tunic tops and tunics give you just that! Take a look at these slightly off-kilter favorites that pair so perfectly with leggings.

How to The Right Way Wear Flowy Tunic Tops And Leggings? 

flowy tunic top with leggings

I’m a fan of Flowy Tunic Tops matching with leggings for many reasons:

1. Flowy Tunic Tops Give Off an Artsy Vibe

Even the most conservative of us have days when we want to look a little more creative. An Flowy tunic top tunic worn over leggings is a  subtle way to express the artsy side of your personality.

The recipe is simple: Take a solid colored or patterned tunic, add black leggings and a great pair of riding boots.  and you will look like one chic mama.


2.Flowy Tunic Tops are Easy to Style

This black embroidered top angles down in the middle to create a handkerchief hemline. You’ll also find tops with hemlines that cut straight across the front and then dip down much longer in the back.

Wear this outfit as is for a slightly artsy look, or crank up the creativity by adding funky jewelry or some layering pieces. To see how to make an Flowy top and leggings outfit look artsier.

Another reason I like wearing an Flowy top with leggings?

3. Flowy Tunic Tops are  Youthful

When you look a little edgy, you look modern, and that translates into youthful. Notice, I’m not saying young- none of us wants to look like a teenager, but youthful (vibrant) is good. An Flowy top with leggings ( especially leather leggings like these below) makes you look updated and more hip than if you wore a pair of blue jeans and a button-up shirt.


4.Flowy Tunic Tops Worn with Leggings Are Slimming

Bonus! Flowy tops with their uneven hemlines draw the eye upward creating a long, lean line that makes you look tall and slender. Plus, these tops flow, which means they camouflage any belly bulge beautifully. Just be sure your top is not too baggy. The loose over long silhouette is flattering, so long as your Flowy top is not too voluminous. You want your top to resemble more of a dainty, floaty tunic than a bulky, heavy blanket.

For gals who love to wear color, a color blocked Flowy tunic, also helps sculpt your figure.


5.Flowy Tunic Tops are Super Comfy and Easy to Wear

I’m a stickler for comfort, but I also want to look chic. An Flowy top with leggings is an outfit I can wear sitting at my computer, out to dinner, shopping- you name it. It feels good. An outfit like this is soft and relaxed and makes me want to curl up. It’s casual, classy and easy.

You can even wear an Flowy Tunic Tops with a jacket if you want even more of an edgier vibe. Just keep the jacket within the same tonal range as the top so you don’t come off looking like a  colorful chopped up puzzle.

Finally.Are you a fan of Flowy tops or tunics worn with leggings? Let me know how you wear them and which of these outfits you like best.


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