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How to make Chocolate bear cookies

Every afternoon, maybe you will feel a bit hungry, want to order tea party, make same sweet-sour cookies at home is a good idea.

Here we introduce a way to make a Chocolate bear cookies

Need to use the tools: Manual egg whisk, rubber scraper, stainless steel batter, electronic scale, flour sieve, paper, chopping board, rolling pin, round biscuit mold, plastic wrap, decorating bag, foil

material: Butter 50g, starch 30g, egg 15g, low gluten flour 90g, almond flour 10g

Accessories: dark chocolate amount, lemon chocolate amount

And begining

1.First make chocolate bear part: Find a bear on the computer graphics, and then use the oil paste on the screen to draw down

2.Put some dark chocolate in the decorating bag, and then melt in liquid water on hot water;

3.Cut a small mouth to the piping bag, fill the dark chocolate with the dark chocolate pattern (the oil paper should be turned over and the side with the brush should be turned down);

4.Then place in the ventilation waiting for cooling;

5.At this time, then use the same method to melt some of the yellow lemon flavor chocolate;

6.Wait until the dark chocolate solidified later draw the eyes of the bear's nose and mouth, placed in ventilated place to cool standby;

7.Now we start making biscuits: butter softened into the basin, mix with a squeegee;

8.Add powdered sugar;

9.Continue to stir;

10.Add eggs twice, with a manual egg whisk stirring along one direction;

11.Every time completely absorbed again;

12.Sift the flour into the well-mixed butter paste;

13.Do not mix;

14.Pour almond powder into it;

15.Together with a scraper from bottom to top, in an irregular direction of mixing flour into a dough;

16.Put the dough on the chopping board, press the dough flat;

17.Above also covered with a layer of plastic wrap, and then use a rolling pin rolling into thin slices;

18.With a round biscuit die cutting;

19.Then put it into a tin plate baking tray;

20.Preheat the oven 165 degrees, up and down the fire full, on the oven in the middle, about roasted about 15 minutes;

21.Then heat some lemon chocolate in a small bowl of hot water;

22.Place the biscuits on the top of the melted lemon chocolate so that the top and the sides of the biscuits wrap around a layer of lemon chocolates,

23.Taking advantage of the surface of the chocolate has not yet solidified, before the solidified chocolate bear placed in the middle of the surface;

24.All put aside to wait for complete solidification.

25.Finished product display

It was wonderful to have this sweet and sour chocolate bear biscuit with your family and friends on a nice afternoon!


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