Hide belly fat dress and can hide stomach dress in spring


In the spring is arrived, all things recovery, the weather slowly warming, in snow and ice melt.People wearing clothes also began to slowly become less, then the human body's fat (accumulated in the winter) is coming up , but is there any way to cover the hide belly fat, yes, This post will be introduce you some to hide belly fat dress

1. Don’t wear tight or clingy garments over your belly and choose Hide belly fat dress with ruching or drape.

If you want to look stylish and highlight your strengths, it is best not to wear tight dress. They will accentuate every fat bubble you have and draw attention away from you and your fabulous clothes. Rather choose Hide belly fat dress that have some draping or ruching.


2. Wear leggings or skinnies with longer, draped or asymmetrical hide belly tunic tops

Leggings can be your best friend. They will fit comfortably hide belly fat and tuck it in a bit. Also, with so many wonderful tunics and long sleeve tops to choose from, you will look fabulous. Noone will notice your belly!


3.Kown what hide belly fat dress designs work best.

Avoid horizontal stripes and excessive patterns. These will draw unwanted attention to your body that you may be trying to avoid. Solid colors are a safer choice if you want to yonger and slimmer.

  • The tried and true rule is that black is generally very slimming and flattering. Sticking with darker colors are a safe bet because brighter/lighter colors draw attention to your body and are less effective at camouflaging certain trouble areas.A black hide belly fat dress could be a good choice  for you. 
  • If you do choose a hide belly fat dress, think vertical. Any vertical stripes or patterns that flow vertically will follow the length of your body and elongate it rather than cutting it off like horizontal patterns would.


4. Create vertical lines with long cardigans, jackets and ponchos

Layering is very effective to disguise a belly. You can add a cardigan or a jacket. Waterfall or straight designs can both work and will create a nice vertical line which will lengthen you and distract the eye from your belly.

The longer your cardigan, the longer and leaner you will appear as is clearly illustrated by the model with the shorter hair who looks a lot slimmer with the long cardigan. Short straight cardigans will hide your belly too, but will have an overall more boxy silhouette.



5. Don’t emphasise your tummy by adding accessories like belts right on dress of them

No need to draw attention to your midlife tummy and belts will do just that when you belt too low.

However, higher belts can be effective for some women by drawing attention upwards. This can work especially well if the Hide belly fat dress has a print or an asymmetrical detail like the ones in the example below. It will give you more shaping while still hiding that belly.make you younger and slimmer


6. Choose some 3/4 sleeve tunic tops shirt that don’t cling or / and have a draping element

Make sure that your shirt don’t cling around the tummy area. Shirt with a draping element around the tummy area often work.

Lightweight 3/4 sleeve tunic tops shirt work well too as they draw attention away from the belly and create a vertical line.

Flowy 3/4 sleeve tunic tops shirt that don’t cling with patterns are also great to hide the tummy area.

You can also try empire waist 3/4 sleeve tunic tops shirt. These tops highlight the thinnest part of your top body, which gives you a great silhouette. They don’t work for everyone though.

Tucking draws attention to your (non-existing waist again) so better to avoid that. However, pay attention to overall balance and don’t let your top end at your widest point of your hips as that may be unflattering.


7. Layer like a pro

It’s easier to hide your belly in spring as you can layer your clothes. Creating vertical lines with cardigans (as discussed above) works really well, but you can also wear sheer or softer fabrics underneath a shorter sweater.


8. Don’t wear garments that are bulky around the tummy area

You don’t want to make that area even bigger with pockets or other embellishments. However, a vertical loose drape as shown in the black blouse above could work as it elengates and does a good job at hiding.



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